Lecture Recordings and Handouts

Some lectures have been recorded and made available for viewing by The Santa Cruz Public Library.  Click here to view available presentations:     YouTube Genealogy Playlist


To download Lecture Handouts, right click on the underlined file name and select: “save link as…”   Or simply click on the underlined link to view the handout:

Sept  2023 – Junel Davidsen – Find Unindexed Records at Family Search

Find Unindexed Records at FamilySearch – Junel Davidsen – Sept, 2023 – handout

June  2023 – Kathy Nielsen – What to Do with all of Our Family Stuff

Kathy Nielsen – What to Do with All of Our Family Stuff – June, 2023 – handout

June 2023 DNA Workshop

Exploring Living DNA

DNA SIG – Exploring Living DNA – handout – June, 2023

April 2023 DNA Workshop

What to Do with Your DNA Results at 23 and Me

DNA SIG – handout – April, 2023

February 2023 – Bob Taylor – Family History Guide 


February 2023 – DNA-SIG Ancestry Side View and match allocation by parent

Feb DNA workshop handout

January 2023 –  Ancestor Journeys with Gail Burk

Gail Burk – Ancestor Journeys – handout – January, 2023

October -November  2022 DNA Workshop

Introducing Gedmatch

DNA SIG – handout – Oct – Nov, 2022 – GEDmatch

September   2022 DNA Workshop

Gail’s process to find living descendants of our ancestors

DNA SIG – handout – Sept, 2022

June 2022 DNA Workshop

Communicating with DNA Matches

DNA SIG – handout – communicating with DNA matches – June, 2022

May 2022 DNA Workshop

Using DNA Results at MyHeritage

DNA SIG – handout – May, 2022 – Using DNA results at MyHeritage

April 2022 DNA Workshop

Shared Centimorgan Project

DNA SIG – handout – April, 2022 – Shared Centimorgan Project

Annick Foucrier, April 5, 2022

How to Find French Ancestors

Annick Foucrier – How to find French ancestors – handout – revised version

March DNA Workshop

Working with Ancestry DNA Results

DNA SIG – handout – March, 2022

The 1950 Census available soon!

February 2022    Lecture with Stephen Morse handout:

Stephen Morse handout – 1950 census

February DNA Workshop

Using Family Tree DNA – – Family Finder results

DNA SIG – handout – February, 2022

November DNA Workshop

Comparing and contrasting DNA companies


Kathy Nielsen, October 5, 2021

A NEW LIFE FOR OLD PHOTOS: Identifying, Organizing, and Restoring Photos

Handout: A New Life for Old Photos

Lisa Robinson,  September 2021

Digging in the Archives


Gail Burk & Maria Mueller,  September 2021

DNA Special Interest Group

DNA SIG handout – September, 2021

Joe Michalak & Annette Hagopian,  June 2021

A Journey of Discovery: Researching the History of Your House



Junel Davidsen, April 2021

Keys to Obituary Research

Handout – Obituary Research

Dvorah Lewis, March 2021

Conquer All At The Sutro Library


Gail Burk, Jan 2021

Writing About your Disasters

Fleeing Disaster – January, 2021 – handout

Gail Burk, Jan 2020

Writing About your Relatives

Handout: Writing about Relatives

Junel Davidsen, Nov 2019

Researching your American Indian Ancestors

Researching American Indian Ancestors Handout 

Link to presentation – click here

Megan Thompson, Sept 2019

Bridging the Gap Between Traditional Genealogy and Genetic Genealogy

Bridging the Gap


Kathy Nielsen, June 2019

Preparing for a Genealogy Road Trip



Gail Burk, January 2019

Drawing Out Your Memories

Drawing Out Your Memories – Handout


Dr. Jan Joyce, November 2018

Solving One Name & Many Locations with a Location & Timeline Tool

2018 LOTAC Santa Cruz


Jeremy Frankel, October 2018

Researching your Jewish Ancestors

Jewish Genealogy Toolbox


Gail Burk, June  2018

Exploring American Ancestors

Exploring American Ancestors – – handout


Christine Bell, April  2018

British Genealogy on the Internet

English Genealogy on the internet


Dave Osterhoudt, Mar 7, 2018

Family Tree Maker 2017

Best Practices for Syncing in FTM 2017 – Handout


Junel Davidsen, Feb 7, 2018

Researching Local Land Records

Local Land Records Santa Cruz 2018


Martha Wallace, Jan 3,  2018

The War of 1812

The War of 1812 – Handout


Barry Bowman, Nov 2,  2017

The ABCs of DNA

Geneology group


Stephen Morse, October 5,  2017

The Julian Calendar and its Importance to Genealogists plus One-Step Webpages

handouts -_Julian Calendar

handouts -_One Step Webpages


Dr. Jan Aherns – Sept. 7, 2017

Solve Your Genealogical Challenges Using Creative Hypotheses

Presentation: Hypotheses


Rosemarie Capodicci – June 1, 2017

Finding Your Immigrant in Modern Day Records

Rosemarie handout


Pamela Brigham – April 4, 2017

How to use Evernote to Support Genealogy Research



Deborah Osterberg – March 2, 2017

How to Locate 19th-20th Century Military Personnel Records

19th-20th Century Military Records Presentation ( ppt)

Military Workshop Handout


Gail Chaid – February 2, 2017

Genealogical Research in Scotland

Scotland talk notes

Scotland talk handouts copy 2


Dr. Jan Aherns – January 5, 2017

Easily Create a Video of your Family Research



Deborah Osterberg – November 3, 2016

Preserving Your History
Protecting Your Family Papers and Photographs



Gail Burk – October 6, 2016

Using Newspapers.com Library Edition



Sharon Hoyt – Sept. 1 2016

The Missing Man: Solving a Mystery with Genealogy Research

handout removed by author’s request


Sean Conley – June 2, 2016

Finding the needle in the haystack using the Internet

Finding the Needle in the Haystack using the Internet


Robert Jackson, Ph.D.

Discovering your German Roots: The Great Migration 1815-1914

German talk – handout – 2016


Chuck Wildman & Dave Osterhoudt

GEDCOM overview and The changing world of Family Tree Maker

Web Links for Family Tree Maker Discussion

My Heredis 2015 Experience Slides V2


Karen Theriot Reader

Navigating your way through Find a Grave

Find a Grave handout


Stephen Morse




Daniel Spelce

Researching Your Ancestry Using FamilySearch.org 



Cath Trindle

Grandma Where Are You Oct 17, 2015

grandma handout


Pamela Erickson

Indentured Servants Oct 1, 2015

Indentured Servants Handout GSSCC


Karen Reader & Gail Burk

Exploring Genealogy Resources at the Santa Cruz Public Library – Sept. 3, 2015

Internet Resources

Ancestry – home page schematic.pdf

Ancestry – learning center schematic.pdf

Ancestry Library Edition – home page links

Ancestry Library Edition – top toolbar

Find My Past – home page schematic

Findmypast – home page links

Findmypast – top toolbar


Christine Bell Green, PhD, PLCGS

Upgrading Your Genealogical Research Skills – June 4, 2015



Guest Speaker: Barbara Rae-Venter, J.D., Ph.D.

Advanced Techniques in Genetic Genealogy – May 7, 2015

Barbara Rae-Venter 150507 Handout 2


Guest Speaker: Patricia Burrow

Legacy Planning – April 2, 2015


GenLegacy Ltr Generic-GSSCC

Gen-Legacy Outline2-GSSCC


Guest Speaker: Sean  Conley

Irish Ancestral Research



Guest Speaker: Barbara Rae-Venter, J.D., Ph.D.

Introduction to Genetic Genealogy – January 8, 2015

Barbara Rae-Venter 150105 Handout


Guest Speaker: Jackie Krebs Reimers
Making Your Family History Come To Life – October 2, 2014

Making Your Family History Come to Life handout

URLs- family history come to life


Sean Conley

Researching Your Northern California Roots, Sept.4, 2014 presentation

Sean Conley handout


Santa Cruz Family History Center, June 7th Presentation

Santa Cruz Family History Center .pdf handout


Martha Wallace
Onomastics – Using Naming Patterns in Genealogy – April 3, 2014

Onomastics Handout Santa Cruz


Sharon Hoyt, MLIS, CGSM

“Went West to Parts Unknown:”  Research in the Upper Midwest,   March 6, 2014

Handout removed by author’s request


 John S. Gleed
BlackSheep in the family, Feb 6, 2014:

 Black Sheep Handout


Richard Rand

Navigating the New Family Search.org – Jan 2, 2014