Board and Volunteers

Board of Directors: 2016 – 2017

President  Janine Charlton
Vice President Dan Spelce
Treasurer Mike Epperson
Recording Secretary Bridget Driscoll
Corresponding Secretary Lisa Robinson
New Open Board Position
Judy Goldman
Members-at-Large  Dancy Girot
Susan Alland
  Sean Conley



Membership Chair Bridget Driscoll
Office Manager Mary Parker
Newsletter Editor Roxanne Nicholson
Programs Chair
Judy Goldman
Reference Section Cataloger Susan Alland
Family Section Cataloger Laura Cross
New Acquisitions Data Entry Karen Theriot Reader
Santa Cruz Surname Files Marion Pokriots
Acquisitions Committee Susan Alland (Chair)
Donna Swedberg
Shirley Greenwood
Lisa Robinson
George Smith
Periodical Coordinator and Buyer George Smith
Book Repair Norman Poitevin
Interlibrary Loan Coordinator Mary Parker
Volunteer Staff Trainers Diane Meyer Wolfsen
Mary Parker
Queries Coordinators

Dancy Girot

Sandra Rich

Display Case Organizer Deborah Osterberg
Historian Marion Pokriots
GSSCC’s Publications Coordinator and Shipping Karen Theriot Reader
Trust Fund Trustees Karen Theriot Reader
Sandra Eaton
Howard Lowe
Website Coordinator Dave Osterhoudt
Folks File (GSSCC Members Only) Bob Kerr
Volunteer Staff Scheduler Judy Donaldson
Special Collections Advisers
Brayton Mary Parker
Ellis Betsy Robinson
Publicity Sean Conley